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Here at, we empower customers in Switzerland and around the world. At the press of a button (or even in a completely automated manner), the suitable infrastructure is always ready – as a self-service feature around the clock. Our engineers make sure that this works reliably and smoothly. With this article, we would like to provide an insight into our work at

Main focus: technology

Our engineers have a great deal of freedom in their choice of work tools, in terms of both hardware and software. It goes without saying that employees also select their own work device. This typically consists of a notebook (in addition to MacBooks, Linux setups are also a popular choice) and a large monitor. In terms of IDE, for example, options include JetBrains products as well as vim and Visual Studio Code. Shared tools currently include GitLab and Confluence.

Broad-based and in-depth skills are not only required but also fostered at There is a further training budget for every employee that consists of a certain number of workdays and a financial element. Given that people's interests vary greatly, each employee can select whether and where to use this budget, with no questions asked. They may choose books to help gain in-depth individual knowledge of a topic, but may also opt for conferences and courses run by specialized providers. It goes without saying that a contribution can also be made towards further training that exceeds this budget, with specific details depending on the individual case. In addition, knowledge is exchanged within the team, e.g. through internal training sessions, mutual code reviews or spontaneous day-to-day discussions.

Open source with a special touch

At we rely on existing tools and frameworks as well as on our own developments. Our cloud is based on OpenStack and Ceph, two leading open source projects in their respective fields. While we developed the web-based cloud control panel and the API that our customers use ourselves from scratch, we also use existing elements such as the Django REST framework. Where we feel it is useful, we also contribute to open source projects, e.g. in the form of extensions and bug fixes.

We are committed to quality – in all its facets. In addition to the performance and availability of our cloud services, this also includes the user experience. Our customers' points of contact with our cloud – from the control panel to the API and to the documentation – are carefully prepared to ensure that, wherever possible, stumbling blocks never even develop. This includes tests at all levels, from unit tests to integration tests and to acceptance tests, which we also publish. Further measures comprise code reviews and manual tests. We take the time needed to deliver solid work and to go the metaphorical extra mile if necessary. This is why we do not issue releases according to a fixed schedule but instead when they are ready and have met our quality standards.

Right next to Zurich main station: our office.

Autonomy in terms of working hours and workplace

Many employees – parents and non-parents alike – work part-time in order to ensure they have enough time for their personal duties and commitments. We are also flexible in terms of working hours and allow employees as much freedom as possible. With the exception of Mondays, when we all meet at the office, working from home is a popular option, which also facilitates the coordination of the various parts of people's life. Using notebooks and the necessary tools, we have everything required to enjoy the flexibility that this well-established model affords us.

On Mondays, when we are all in the office, we have an all-hands meeting for coordination purposes and to share information that may affect everybody. This is then followed, in alternate weeks, by sprint planning or a bi-weekly meeting for technical matters. In addition, there are retrospectives at longer intervals as well as short dailies. Otherwise, we arrange meetings and calls when they are specifically required, e.g. to discuss details of a planned feature, according to the principle of as much as necessary, as little as possible.

We regularly look for new people to join our System Engineering and Software Engineering team at If you speak German and English and would like to join the team, please send an email to The application process may differ on a case-by-case basis, but generally involves getting to know you personally in an online meeting followed by a technical interview at our offices in Zurich. You will then have the opportunity to meet the rest of the team over a drink of your choice in an informal setting to see whether the "chemistry" is right. And if everything works out, we will soon be saying:

Welcome on board!
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