Your challenging projectOur infrastructure

Our Control Panel

Simple and beautifulOur cloud control panel is a pleasure to use. Managing your servers is no longer complicated and time consuming.

High Availability

We hate downtimesBy using redundant hardware and software components we make sure your virtual servers are available 24/7.

Full Root Access

Seize controlYou have full access to all your virtual machines. Install software, provide services and deploy firewalls as you please.

SSD-only Storage

Fasten your seatbeltCombine availability with high performance using our distributed storage cluster running on NVMe SSDs.

Flexible Scaling

Have it your wayUnleash more computing power or increase your storage capacity right when your project actually needs it.

Fast Provisioning

One-click setupCreate new virtual servers within seconds. Launch your favorite Linux operating system out of the box.

Single Sign-On

Convenient and secureEnforce your policies by using the identity provider of your choice for logging into our cloud control panel.

Comprehensive API

Automate everythingScript your own workflows or use our integrations with popular DevOps tools to build your perfect cloud setup.


Neat and tidySeparate customer or test and production workloads by splitting your cloud resources into individual projects.


Stronger togetherCollaborate across multiple teams and organizations and assign different permissions for each of your cloud projects.

Our CenterpieceThe Control Panel

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