Continuous ISO-certificationBuilds trust

Data securityThought through thoroughly

  • Encryption of data "at rest"
  • Triple replication of data
  • Separate, private networks
  • Redundant connections
  • Certified data centers
  • Data location Switzerland

Information securityIndependently audited


Well protectedThe security of your data is important to us. At cloudscale, your data is exclusively stored in best-in-class data centers, where it is well-protected against physical access. We maintain an ISO 27001-certified information security management system and provide a range of security features.

Data protection

Act responsiblycloudscale is subject to the Federal Act on Data Protection, which is also recognized by the EU as equivalent. Furthermore, we provide the appropriate infrastructure and conditions to optimally support our customers in complying with their own data protection regulations.


Comply with requirementsWhether regulations in specific industries or other requirements: At cloudscale, we support our customers in meeting the demands placed on them. In addition to the ISO 27001 certification, a report according to ISAE 3000 is also available to cover processes outsourced to us in your own reporting.

Security und ComplianceIn best hands

Two is better than one

In our cloud infrastructure, redundancy is built in at all levels. Whether it's power supply, cooling, or networking, our setups are designed to minimize the impact of any disruptions on our customers. This naturally applies to data storage as well: data is securely stored with a triple replication in our storage clusters.

Safe and convenient

"Organizations" enable collaboration on cloud resources with individuals inside and outside your company. For each project, permissions can be managed for individual accounts or teams. And with integration into your own Identity Provider, you also benefit from the familiar security and convenience of Single Sign-On when using our Cloud Control Panel.

Audited regularly

cloudscale maintains an information security management system and is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, and 27018. Additional annual audits form the basis for a report according to ISAE 3000, which is available upon request.

Twice in Switzerland

cloudscale uses two independently operated data centers in Switzerland. This provides an ideal foundation for geo-redundant setups, while the data location in Switzerland facilitates compliance with your regulatory requirements. Naturally, the data centers are also certified according to international standards.

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