Ready to go with our Object Storage

After the official introduction of our S3-compatible Object Storage this summer, we are now showing you how to use this technology quickly and effectively in your projects. Furthermore, you will learn more about our attractive pricing scheme.

How to get ready in just a few steps

To use our Object Storage, you need a corresponding user account, which you can create in our Cloud Control Panel with just a few clicks. Transfer the displayed "Access Key" and "Secret Key" together with the hostname to an S3-compatible application of your choice, such as a file manager, a backup program or your CMS – that's it.

Via our S3-compatible API you can now create buckets (analogy: directories) and upload objects (analogy: files). Depending on the application, it is advisable to define different access rights: for backups and private data, you should use the "private" ACL; public objects, however, such as the images of your website, can be marked as "public" and then directly integrated and delivered using:


Which concepts will help you to structure your objects

Of course, you can set up multiple user accounts for the Object Storage in our Cloud Control Panel. This makes it easy to separate test from production data or different customer projects from each other, for example. All your Objects Users and their buckets are listed in our Cloud Control Panel, each with used space, traffic and requests.

Access control lists (ACLs) go even one step further: Using the S3-compatible API, you can make individual buckets and objects available to other Object Users, either with read-only or write access – allowing for even more complex setups. For example, you can use ACLs to make sure that some objects can only be accessed by scripts, while other objects can only be accessed by certain individuals.

What pricing scheme will be used

The Object Storage of will only be billed for effective usage and does not cause any fixed costs. The costs incurred will be charged to your account at midnight every day – so there are no surprises at the end of the month.

After the free introductory phase, the following three components will be included in the daily price calculation starting September 2017:

  • Used space at CHF 0.003 per GB
    Space is measured hourly and averaged over the day.
  • Outgoing traffic at CHF 0.02 per GB
    Corresponds to the price of additional traffic for our cloud servers.
  • Requests at CHF 0.005 per 1'000 requests

Inbound traffic is free of charge.

Whether you are looking for a secure storage location for your off-site backups, want to store your data centrally or need highly available storage for your cluster-capable application: our Object Storage offers exactly that – at a fair price and operated in Swiss data centers exclusively.

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