S3-Compatible Object Storage: New URLs

With "LPG", we recently put a second cloud region into operation in Lupfig (Canton of Aargau), which complements our existing "RMA" region in Rümlang (Canton of Zurich) and enables geo-redundant setups. On this occasion we would like to briefly inform you about some changes with regard to accessing your buckets/objects.

1. In order to create and access buckets in the new LPG region, please use only the following URLs:

  • https://objects.**lpg** resp.
  • https://BUCKETNAME.objects.**lpg** or
  • https://objects.**lpg**

2. In order to create and access buckets in the existing RMA region, please use the following URLs as of now:

  • https://objects.**rma** resp.
  • https://BUCKETNAME.objects.**rma** or
  • https://objects.**rma**

3. The previous URLs:

  • resp.
  • or

will continue to work for buckets/objects in the RMA region synonymously to the URLs stated in section 2 for a transitional period.
ATTENTION: The transitional period ends on 2020-12-31; please update links to these buckets/objects in time to the URLs specifying the RMA region (see section 2).

4. Requests to existing buckets using the URL of another region are answered by our system with a HTTP status code 301 Moved Permanently, which some tools follow automatically. Such requests are counted like regular requests in the cost calculation. However, we recommend that you do not rely on this redirection, but always use the correct URLs.

If you have any further questions regarding our S3-compatible Object Storage, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
Your team

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