Price Adjustment for Compute Flavors

After many years of not being an issue for most people, inflation has once again become an ever-present topic. Energy prices, which have been increasing rapidly, not least because of the current international situation, are making particular headlines. is also at the mercy of this market environment, which is why some of our prices are being adjusted from 2024-01-01.

Adjustment for compute flavors only

Despite there being no way around a price increase, our aim is to limit it to what is absolutely necessary and to maintain our principle of simplicity and transparency – also in terms of pricing. Specifically, this means that the prices of our compute flavors will be subject to a uniform increase of 10%, i.e. a virtual server with the "Flex-8-2" flavor, for example, will cost CHF 2.20 instead of CHF 2.00 per 24 hours.

Excerpt from the compute flavours as of 2024-01-01.

The purely linear price structure will be maintained with this increase. Consequently, costs for memory and CPU resources will still be based solely on overall requirements and not on whether you combine your workloads on a single large server or prefer to distribute them across several smaller servers. The other prices, e.g. for volumes, object storage and load balancers, will also remain unchanged and no new price components will be introduced.


Thanks to favorable purchase conditions, we were able to reduce our prices by up to 33% in July 2022. In the meantime, however, the environment has changed and energy prices in particular have increased dramatically – not only in Switzerland. These increased prices have a double effect on the running of a cloud infrastructure: on the one hand, running physical servers uses power directly, and on the other hand, power is essential for the required cooling. In addition, purchasing hardware has also become significantly more expensive.

The new prices will apply from 0:00 h (Swiss time) on 2024-01-01 for the running of existing and newly created servers and will be visible in our cloud control panel from shortly after midnight. Accordingly, account balances will be debited for the first time at the new conditions in the night to 2024-01-02 for the services used on 2024-01-01.

At you only pay for what you actually use and it goes without saying that to-the-second billing will continue. This is why, even with the current price increase for compute flavors, we are convinced that this flexibility remains worthwhile, especially in an environment where prices are generally increasing.

As transparent as always,
Your team

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