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After developing, testing and launching our new cloud offering, we were facing a challenge that is typical for the stage we are in: growth. In our case, growing the team turned out to be trickier than anticipated. In this short update, we will cover:

What our specific requirements were

With our recently released self-service platform and a growing user base, everything started to look urgent: supporting our customers, adding new features, maintaining and extending our technical infrastructure – and lots of background tasks that you would probably find hard to believe.

It seemed sensible to look mainly for system engineers with programming skills, hoping that they are capable to fill in wherever the most pressing issues would surface. Knowledge in Python was a hard requirement (since we are using OpenStack), along with an open mind as our cloud control panel is currently written in Lua.

How we managed to find the right people

Given the situation we found ourselves in, we just did not have the time and resources to run job ads and sift through hundreds of applications. A job posting in HN's "Who is hiring?" yielded some interesting contacts, but ultimately did not lead to successful hires, either.

It was a well-tried, classical method which lead us to meeting our new team members: know someone who knows someone. We were lucky enough to find two software engineers with a track-record in Python and outstanding Linux skills. Moreover, both make substantial contributions in their field of expertise, and are deeply involved with the open-source community.

Why reaching out paid off for us

Unrelated to growing our staff, we chose to reach out to other OpenStack users (after all, we are the new guys on the block). It turned out one of these specialists was very interested in joining our team, and with his skill set in OpenStack and Linux system engineering he was a perfect addition to the growing team.

We would like to welcome the new faces behind! And on our current way of growth, we are looking forward to meeting more great people like them.

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