Spinning up virtual servers has never been easier.

Our Control Panel

Simple, yet beautiful. — Our cloud control panel is a pleasure to use. Managing your servers is no longer complicated and time consuming.

High Availability

We hate downtimes. — By using redundant hardware and software components we make sure your virtual servers are available 24/7.

Full Root Access

Seize control. — You have full access to all your virtual machines. Install software, provide services and deploy firewalls as you please.

NVMe-SSD-only Storage

Fasten your seatbelt. — Combine availability with high performance using our distributed storage cluster running on NVMe SSDs.

Flexible Scaling

Have it your way. — Unleash more computing power or increase your storage capacity right when your project actually needs it.

Fast Provisioning

One-click setup. — Create new virtual servers within seconds. Launch your favorite Linux operating system out of the box.

Your favorite Linux operating system. Out of the box.







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Made in Switzerland. Trusted worldwide.


Security is one of our top priorities. — We offer an excellent and secure foundation for your online business. Your data is stored in a best-in-class, ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified data center in Switzerland, well protected from unauthorised physical access and major outages.


We make no compromise when it comes to privacy. — Our only server location is and remains Switzerland, literally the heart of Europe. Take advantage of Switzerland’s strict data protection and privacy laws. Moreover, benefit from political stability, legal security and a stable economy.


With no strings attached. — Launching your virtual environment at cloudscale.ch does neither involve high up-front investments nor entering long-term commitments. Our straightforward pricing policy allows for predictable TCO while scaling up according to your business needs.

Powered by open-source software. Driven by the community.

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