Our Status Page is Moving

Renew your subscription to stay up-to-date with our latest maintenance and service information in future, too. Once our status page has moved, you will have even greater flexibility in choosing the right medium for you: in addition to email and RSS/Atom feeds, you will also have the option of receiving the latest information directly on one of the supported chat platforms if desired.

A new home for our status page

Over the past five years, you have been able to find information about planned maintenance work and any incidents on You also have the option of subscribing to email or the RSS/Atom feed to receive up-to-date information at all times. To ensure that this channel of communication is not affected by interruptions to our normal cloud infrastructure, we run our status page in a separate data center and use a different domain outside our standard ".ch" TLD.

Although the status page proved to be very successful, it was time to re-evaluate the setup. We decided to use a specialist provider to host our status page going forward so that we can not only maintain the service for you but further improve it. We selected the German service provider Statuspal. The switch, which is planned for within the next two weeks, will require status page downtime of about one hour. It goes without saying that this will not affect our cloud services.

Renew and adapt subscription

We will include the history of existing status notifications on the new status page so that you can continue to see all the entries relating to past events. As we ran the previous system ourselves and are now going to rely on an external service provider, we will intentionally not be migrating the list of notification subscribers to the new system. If you would like to be notified immediately of new entries in future, too, please simply subscribe to the desired categories again after the switch.

With the new status page, you also have the possibility of receiving notifications directly in one of the supported chat systems, such as Slack and Teams. In addition, further tools can be connected via webhooks, including Mattermost, Rocket.Chat and – with a little engineering – also other tools that support webhook integration. If you already use a chat channel to coordinate things relating to your cloud resources, our up-to-date service information will appear directly where it is needed.

Preview of our new status page.

Same URL, fresh design

Although the address of our status page remains and will continue to be linked to from our website, we recommend that you save the status page separately in your bookmarks to ensure that you can also find it if our website ever fails.

The service categories from which you select the information that is relevant to you will also remain unchanged. The layout will be even simpler and you will be able to see intuitively which entries and updates belong together.

Make sure not to miss the latest maintenance and service information in future either. Add "" to your bookmarks and – after the switch – renew your subscription to the desired notifications and channels of communication.

Status: Operational.
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