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With the topic of data protection attracting increasing attention, the issue of the geographical location of data storage remains key. It is, however, not the only factor that determines which law is ultimately applicable. The aim of the newly launched "swiss hosting" label is to create certainty here: as a customer, you not only have the security of knowing that your data are stored in Switzerland, but also that organizations from abroad are unable to gain access via circuitous routes. As a launch partner, has been involved in "swiss hosting" from the outset.

Data location and applicable law

The term "cloud" originates from network diagrams where the cloud symbol is used to represent networks whose details are of no further relevance, e.g. the Internet. However, given that growing quantities of progressively significant data are being processed in this cloud, these details are increasingly coming under the spotlight. Laws and compliance specifications contain growing numbers of provisions relating to cloud utilization. And, last but not least, media reports and daily tracking and influencing attempts are raising awareness of where personal data end up and may be analyzed.

In this process, the geographical location of data processing takes on great significance as it largely determines which legal regulations apply in addition to those applicable to the location of the data owner. This means that, for Swiss companies, it is simplest if their data are also located in Switzerland. It is, however, equally important to be aware of who the data are entrusted to, since service providers abroad are additionally subject to the law in their own countries. During an interview, lawyer Simon Schlauri cites the USA's CLOUD Act as an example: if required to do so by the authorities, American cloud providers must under certain circumstances hand over data stored in a foreign territory.

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"swiss hosting" offers guidance

The new "swiss hosting" label provides greater clarity in this area. Bearers of this label are SaaS and cloud providers who are subject to Swiss law and who guarantee that no foreign organizations can access their customers' data. If the actual hosting of these data is outsourced, the provider of the hosting services must adhere to the same rules. For companies who need to handle their own customer data carefully, "swiss hosting" offers invaluable guidance on selecting an SaaS or cloud provider and helps to minimize compliance evaluation efforts.

[…] that data remains entirely in Switzerland and cannot be accessed or claimed by a foreign organization or government, no matter whether directly or indirectly. This also applies to foreign companies within the Group.

Extract from the "swiss hosting" contract pertaining to access protection

As a launch partner, has been involved in "swiss hosting" from the outset. As a purely Swiss cloud provider that only uses data centers located in Switzerland, this label applies to all our services. Our clear positioning also makes us the ideal hosting partner for SaaS and managed service providers who want to use the "swiss hosting" label to provide their own customers with the certainty that data are hosted in Switzerland.

"Swissness" as the key idea

As "Swissness" means so much more to us than simply the selection of data centers, has consistently relied on Switzerland as a location from the outset. Our customers appreciate the fact, for example, that with us they have a local partner who speaks their language and takes their concerns seriously. In addition, there are tangible technical advantages given that is not only outstandingly networked at an international level but also with Swiss network operators, which ensures low latency to and from local Internet users.

For us, "Swiss quality" also means taking one's time and paying attention to details. We developed our cloud control panel with a great deal of love in order to ensure that using our cloud is as straightforward as possible. And last but not least, cooperation with our partners is also important to us here in Switzerland. Using our infrastructure, our partners are able to implement sophisticated setups with a "Swiss finish" based on customer specifications.

While the international legal situation is difficult to understand and continues to give rise to numerous unanswered questions, "swiss hosting" provides a pragmatic solution. By keeping data in Switzerland, you make life easier for yourself and for your customers. Beyond issues of pure compliance, "Swissness" here at also makes us a local and approachable partner for our customers.

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