Our Latest Features – Seriously Secure

Many of our users care a lot about security. So do we! We are glad to introduce a whole bundle of new security features that we have rolled out over the last couple of days:

Two-Factor Authentication

Do you use complex passwords? Are you sure that nobody watches you typing? Two-factor authentication (2FA) takes security one step further: Logging in requires an additional token (also known as one-time password or OTP) which changes every 30 seconds and is valid for a short time only.

Safeguard your account with 2FA now by enabling this new feature in the security settings. Using the popular "Google Authenticator" or any other TOTP app, you can turn your smartphone into an additional key protecting your cloud. By the way: Generating your tokens happens completely offline.

Session Management

If you close your browser while logged into our cloud control panel, normally your session cookie will automatically be deleted. Next time, you will need to log in again. Now you can choose to "stay signed in" upon login. Of course you can stay logged in with multiple devices simultaneously.

But what if you forgot to log out after using someone else's computer? Just navigate to the new session overview to see all devices currently logged in, complete with IP address and browser. Here you can end any session immediately to make sure nobody tampers with your account.

Host Key Verification

SSH host keys are sort of a server's passport: they guarantee that you are connecting to the right machine and that there is no man-in-the-middle manipulating your traffic. If a server presents a different host key than the one in your known_hosts file, you will immediately get a warning and will probably want to investigate further.

Many people inevitably trust host keys on first use. Now you can actually verify the keys of your newly created servers: Virtual servers generate their unique host keys on first boot and write the public parts to their serial console. There we pick them up and display their fingerprints in our cloud control panel. Go check for yourself!

Trust is good, control is better. Keeping control just got easier with our latest security features. After all, cloud computing is to us what online banking is to others.

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