Yes, we are open!

After admitting more and more users onto our platform, we can start the new year with the most exciting announcement a start-up can probably make:

General availability of our Swiss public cloud

We have opened free and instant registration to everyone. Having spent more than a year of hard work (with even more to come) creating a simple self-service cloud platform, we are proud to say: Here it is! Welcome to

How we prepared for GA

We recently added some more hardware to our cloud setup to ensure you will always get the capacity and power you need. We implemented internal improvements so we can handle a growing user base, both technologically and as an organization. And we are growing our team to keep up the pace.

What has changed for you

We have adjusted our plans to fit your project size and budget even better by lowering our prices and replacing the previous "Flex-1" offering with the bigger "Flex-2" flavor instead. Simply scale up any existing Flex-1 servers to Flex-2 at no additional cost.

Why this is only the beginning

We are excited to welcome lots of new fans from around the globe and are curious to hear what you have achieved using our services – we love feedback!
Having a fully working cloud infrastructure in place is just a starting point. We are already working on upcoming features like backups and snapshots as well as IPv6 support.

Chances are that your friends want to try us too! Or have they ever launched a server in 10 seconds before? If you pass them our link, they can now sign up immediately and profit from some free credits as well in order to test-drive their first server at Thanks for your support!

Best regards from Zurich – Switzerland,
your team

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