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Up and Scaling: Unleash more Power and Capacity

Today, we are more than pleased to announce the end of pre-launch phase. The new setup has been operational for several weeks now and we are very satisfied with the performance and the availability that we have seen so far. Nevertheless and for the time being, we are keeping access on an invitation-only basis to ensure the quick and competent support you deserve.

What’s New

You are now able to choose from eight different compute flavors ranging from 1 vCPU and 1 GB RAM all the way up to 16 vCPUs and 96 GB RAM. To always match your current needs, you can scale your virtual servers up or down by switching flavors anytime and within seconds.

Our key feature however is called "decoupled scaling": Storage capacity is completely decoupled from the VM's compute flavor, so there is no need to book and pay for storage you do not want. Our analysis has shown that most customers actually use less than 10 GB, thus we decided to include 10 GB of distributed SSD-only storage with every virtual server – free of charge.

What's Next

Of course we are eager to hear what you think about the newest features and the latest release of our control panel. In the meantime we will be focusing on further improving the user experience and updating our website before adding more features.

Thank You!

We received lots of useful and inspiring feedback during closed beta and pre-launch phase. You guys are incredible! As a token of appreciation we currently offer a 25% discount on our "Flex-4" compute flavor for a limited time only. For most workloads, the "Flex-4" provides an ideal foundation to grow from.

We invite our newsletter subscribers to join our closed access user base today. You can still sign up for the newsletter on our website if you have not done so already. We will add 10 CHF of free credits to your account on sign-up so you can start your first VMs right away.

Last but not least we wish you and your projects huge success. May your ideas shape the future – we are ready for you.

Happy scaling!
Your team

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