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Start of Pre-Launch Phase

Welcome back!

We are excited to announce the start of our pre-launch phase today and invite you to another month of free testing. In this update we briefly cover:

What we changed (and what not)

If you have launched a virtual server at before, you will instantly recognize our simple and easy to use control panel as you know it. So what did we change then? In short: Almost everything else. We literally touched all of our servers by moving them within the datacenter to our own, larger space and are now ready for future growth. Furthermore many systems have been reinstalled with optimized settings, a lot of them received hardware upgrades, and we also added new machines to increase redundancy (read more below).

Besides all of this, we also implemented some of your feedbacks (thanks again for sharing!), for example by moving the encrypted VNC console to port 443 and by providing an even broader range of Linux distributions to choose from. More of your feature suggestions are already in the pipeline and will be released soon.

Why these improvements matter

While some of our work was aimed at increasing capacity or preparing for future expansion, our main goal was to further optimize reliability. We added more servers in our backend to increase redundancy, added more storage nodes to minimize the performance impact of a failing disk or node, and complemented our storage cluster by adding dedicated backup nodes.

On the software side, we upgraded to recent versions of Linux, OpenStack and Ceph. Together with our streamlined configuration management and optimized settings, this will help us to provide a service level you can rely on.

How you can resume or start testing now

We invite our newsletter subscribers to test-drive a free virtual server during the pre-launch phase. You can still sign up for the newsletter on our website if you have not done so already. After that, you are ready to launch virtual servers with just a few clicks.

Happy testing!
Your team

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