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Upcoming Official Launch

It has been a while but we are doing better than ever! Having ranked 1st in several benchmarks that our users have performed makes us proud and hopefully proves that we are serious. In this short update we would like to share some news about:

What we are currently working on

First of all, a big thank you to all of our beta participants for your interest and ongoing support — you are the reason we created in the first place! We have received lots of great feedback and are working hard on fine-tuning our cloud platform based on your inputs. As an example the VNC console will be moved to the HTTPS port (443) because some of you were reporting problems accessing port 6080 from behind their corporate firewall. We are also working on a few last must-haves like the billing and payment module; admittedly following our instinct of self-preservation here :).

The upcoming official launch

Our current schedule looks promising and we expect to officially launch within the next few weeks. Despite major changes and hardware failures during the ongoing beta phase none of our services were affected for more than just a few seconds. We are committed to set this level of high availability as our standard for the future.

What happens to your beta servers

We now consider it safe for you to run projects productively on our platform. Even once beta phase is officially over and we go live publicly, you can continue to use your existing beta servers with no interruption — and at a discounted price! In case you are not running a beta test server yet (or anymore), now would be a good time to launch one.

In any case, we are very eager to hear from you! Please let us know what you like about our Swiss-based cloud platform, how we can improve or what might prevent you from using our services. And if you know someone who might want to learn about us, feel free to point them to this website.

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