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Tech Insights and Beta Phase

First of all, we would like to thank you: After some unexpected publicity, we were overwhelmed by all the positive feedback and interest from all around the globe. Knowing that you share our vision of a unique cloud experience makes us work even harder. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

In response to many requests, this article covers:

Participating in Closed Beta

We are approaching closed beta and would like you to participate! In order to make sure we can quickly respond to your valuable feedback, we will enable beta access in multiple waves.

Using your beta account, you will be able to test-drive a virtual machine with 4 GB RAM, 2 vCPUs, 50 GB of distributed SSD storage (read more below) and a public IPv4 address. Since personal preferences vary, a selection of Linux distributions will be available for you to choose from.

In the next couple of weeks, we will send a personal invite to your registered email address – and you will be good to go. In case you have not signed up for our closed beta yet, you can still do so on our website.

Our Technology Stack

Our cloud platform is based on OpenStack and KVM. To ensure high-availability, data redundancy, and provide you with virtually infinite scalability, your data is stored on our unified, distributed storage cluster powered by Ceph. OpenStack, KVM and Ceph all are open source projects that have set new standards and reached a high level of acceptance in their respective fields.

On the hardware side, high-end CPUs boost the performance of your virtual machine while our SSD-only setup maximizes storage throughput. All of our servers are interconnected by multiple 10 Gbps links, avoiding bottlenecks and providing fault tolerant network connectivity. Redundancy on every layer ensures your virtual server is always available.

As a Swiss cloud provider, we proudly operate direct connections (peerings) with many national and international ISPs at the SwissIX Internet Exchange. Init7 as one of our upstream providers complements fast and direct international connectivity for your server.

Three Facts about Pricing

As for the first fact, we have not set the final pricing yet, but rest assured that you will be among the first to know. Second, we can already tell you that our price structure will be very straight forward – no need for a calculator. And third, to give you a sense for the price range: Our early bird promotional offer will start at CHF 1 (~ USD 1) per day.

We welcome any feedback and are looking forward to the beta phase, to which we will invite our newsletter subscribers in an upcoming email. Stay tuned!

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