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Infrastructure-as-a-ServiceCloud infrastructure for demanding projects, based on open-source technologies: From virtual servers to load balancers to object storage.


Have it your wayMake use of our integrations in your favorite DevOps tools like Ansible and Terraform or manage your cloud infrastructure directly in our control panel or via API.


Everything in SwitzerlandAs a cloud provider from Zurich, we operate our two cloud locations in Switzerland, establishing a clear legal situation and enabling geo-redundant setups.


Cloud is a matter of trustWith us, you choose a reliable cloud partner who really understands you. With our high quality standards, we create the ideal foundation for your critical applications.

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FlavorMemoryCPUSSD Storage *Per 30 days30 days
Flex-4-14 GB1 vCPU10 GBCHF 33Launch now
Flex-4-24 GB2 vCPUs10 GBCHF 49.5Launch now
Flex-4-44 GB4 vCPUs10 GBCHF 72.5Launch now
Flex-8-28 GB2 vCPUs10 GBCHF 66Launch now
Flex-8-48 GB4 vCPUs10 GBCHF 99Launch now
Flex-8-88 GB8 vCPUs10 GBCHF 165Launch now
Plus-4-24 GB2 cores10 GBCHF 82.5Launch now
Plus-8-28 GB2 cores10 GBCHF 99Launch now
Plus-8-48 GB4 cores10 GBCHF 165Launch now
Plus-12-312 GB3 cores10 GBCHF 148.5Launch now
Plus-12-612 GB6 cores10 GBCHF 247.5Launch now

* NVMe SSD storage10 GB included in all plans. Upgradeable on the fly in steps of 1 GB.

HintFlavors with up to 112 shared vCPUs or dedicated cores and up to 896 GB memory are available upon request.

Happy customers

Just finished moving to @cloudscale_ch after 4 yrs with @linode. Definitely recommend! #VPS

Nigel Hanlon / @nigelhanlon

@cloudscale_ch is redefining the meaning of „fast“ in #cloud #computing and (so far) I like the flawless user experience.

Matías E. Fernández / @matiasfrndz

I have never witnessed anything even close to @cloudscale_ch VM provision. It’s like they have them running beforehand...

DaKnOb / @DaKnObCS

So provisioning of server on @cloudscale_ch was under 10sec from clicking deploy to having SSH online, that’s a very nice result!

Tomasz Miklas / @tomaszmiklas