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Massive Improvements Ahead

We have performed a thorough analysis of our entire setup and would like to implement a series of improvements that we have been considering in the last couple of weeks.


One major topic in our roadmap to going live is capacity. Therefore we will increase our footprint in the datacenter which requires us to move our existing equipment to a new, larger area with much spare room to grow into.
In addition to growing in terms of space we will also scale up our equipment. This includes:

  1. additional storage nodes to minimize the impact on I/O performance while the storage cluster is self-healing (e.g. after a disk or node failure),
  2. more physical servers to raise the safety margin for our fault-tolerant backend systems,
  3. a completely new set of dedicated backup servers to add backup capability for your data.


While we still want to meet our initial goal and go live on schedule, we also want to allow you and us to test our improved setup beforehand. Therefore we chose to implement all of the changes listed above in a single operation. The changes will be performed starting August 20, 2015. After a few days of intensive work on our side, we will gladly welcome you back for further free testing in the pre-launch phase. Please note that in the meantime it will not be possible to activate new beta accounts.

Of course we will not compromise on the features you so highly value: the easy-to-use control panel, the super-fast deployment and the superior server performance.

We are very excited that the planned going-live will take off from a whole new level.
Your cloudscale.ch team

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